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Because You Asked: What is a Transfer on Death Deed?

Last week we wrote about the steps that we recommend individuals take to prepare for the eventual death of a spouse: Because You Asked: How Can I Prepare in Advance for a Spouse’s Death? Technically, one could consider that the steps that we listed fall under the category of “Estate Planning”, though they lean to more practical aspects, rather than legal. In today’s post, we

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Because You Asked: How Can I Prepare in Advance for a Spouse’s Death?

I received a call from a widow this week who had encountered one of our clients in her grief group.  She wanted to know how we did things differently because she said that her experience and what our client shared were very different in dealing with the financial aftermath of losing their spouses. We spoke in general terms of course to protect our client’s privacy,

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Because You Asked: How Can Young Investors Get Started?

I’ve recently had the opportunity to meet with a few young adults in their early 20’s and a couple of teens who were eager to learn about how they could invest in the stock market, and what their investment options might be.  We had productive conversations and even briefly covered the Secret of Wealth– a demonstration about the “magic” of compounding. It essentially shows them

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Because You Asked: How Optimistic Should We Be?

April 23, 2020 In our practice, one of our key values can be described as ABL- Always Be Learning.  To that end, we read voraciously, participate in webinars and web-based learning opportunities frequently, and attend conferences regularly.  We are certainly not attending any conferences right now, but there has been a LOT of information to read and listen to, and grapple with for our own

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Perspective: A Walk Among the Trees, April 8, 2020

Our founder John Russell, recently penned a letter to investors sharing his thoughts on the Coronvirus where we now stand.  These are excerpts from that letter. “There are some years when it takes days for things to happen, There are also some days when years happen” (Note: not 2020, but 1918 Headlines!) It seems like years ago when we started writing about the Corona Virus,

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Because You Asked: When Will I Get My Money? (Info from the CARES Act- 3.31.20)

CARES Act Summary: March 31, 2020 Aka: The Coronavirus Aid, Relief, and Economic Security Act This wide-reaching act was designed to help individuals and businesses affected by many aspects of the Coronavirus, and subsequent quarantines, etc. We thought we would give our best shot to summarize some of the provisions that may benefit you. Individual Payments or “Show Me the Money”! Based upon individuals’ 2018

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