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Because You Asked: What Do You Think of the Biden Tax Law Changes?

That title may be a bit misleading because it is meant as an umbrella-type question that is more accurately phrased along the lines of: What do you think of X  proposed law governing Y?  And the very first response to any question with those variables is: It has to become a law first, and no president can write laws.  Presidents do have a lot of power

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Because You Asked: What is in the American Rescue Plan/Stimulus? (Part 1)

What a Year!  Heading into the middle of March 2021 we are struck by the wild ride that was 2020 and leading into 2021.  Of course, this time last year we were writing blogs about such topics as: How to Survive a Volatile Stock Market The Impact of Coronovirus on Investments Delayed Tax Filing Deadlines and Summary of the Cares Act Those were some crazy

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Because You Asked: What in the World is Happening Right Now?

Specifically, this questioner was focused on the recent craziness around Robinhood investors as it related to GameStop, hedge funds, short squeezes, etc.  Once opinionated opinionists and commentators get hold of a meaty news bone like this, they proceed to devour it with endless speculation and regurgitation. That is not a pleasant thought, but if you are in the middle of the news blender, I think it sort

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Because You Asked: Is There Anything I Should Do Before the End of the Year?

Year-End Financial Decisions to Consider In the midst of important decisions related to Black Friday shopping, Cyber Monday, and Giving Tuesday there are some additional decisions that we recommend our friends consider before the end of the year.  Here is a list to consider what might work for you: Contribute to a 529 for a child or grandchild. You can review info regarding 529 plans

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Because You Asked: What Lies Ahead?

As always, we have been doing a ton of reading and study to try to grasp the ever-changing economic and investing environment.  This is a full-time job, which is part of what people hire us to do so that they don’t have to try and keep track of it all along with their other jobs and family responsibilities.  There are times that we jokingly tell

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Because You Asked: How Do You Respond To Changing Times? Part 3

Shifting Times Require Modifying Methods: Chapter 3 of 3 This week we wrap up our little mini-series in our discussion of risk and its impact on how we invest.  Here are the links to the two previous posts, if you want to review them: Because You Asked: How Do You Respond to Changing Times? Chapter One Because You Asked: How Do You Respond to Changing

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Because You Asked: How Do You Respond to Changing Times- Part 2 of 3

Shifting Times Require Modifying Methods: Chapter 2 A couple of weeks ago, we wrote the first chapter of this mini-series that talked a little about risk and how we identify and use it to drive our investment decisions.  If you want to review, you can read it here: Because You Asked: How Do You Respond to Changing Times? Chapter One.  Now that we have talked

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