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Because You Asked: What Areas of My Financial Life Should I Review?

A Checklist!!  I happen to be one of those quirky personalities that love checklists for tracking information, and checking items off the list as I accomplish them.  This does not appeal to everyone, but for the other list-lovers out there, I wanted to share this one with you.  These are broad categories of goals, wishes, dreams that are designed to help you to think about the

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Because You Asked: Is There a Problem with Single-Owner Bank Accounts?

An Unintended Problem with Single-Owner Bank Accounts: We have had a few widows contact us lately, who found themselves dealing with some difficult financial challenges due to some unfortunate choices that their spouses made.  In particular, we learned that the deceased spouse was the only owner of individual checking accounts that held the majority of the couple’s cash assets.  And even though the widows had

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Because You Asked: What Are You Telling Investors Now?

We review investment performance and provide our take on current events related to it to our investors regularly.  Today we decided to share our latest investor communication here: There is an old song by Frank Sinatra called Tina;  we will talk more about the idea of “TINA”  later in this letter, but if you are so inclined you can listen to it here:   The

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Because You (Previously) Asked: Can I Repay my IRA for RMD’s I Took Before RMD’s Were Suspended Due to CARES Act?

What??? Welcome to the on-going “yo-yo effect” of legislation and rules that keep evolving.  We make plans and strategies, and then things get flipped on their heads, and we have to adjust, and then adjust again.  At least in this respect, we are not referring to those who are dealing with Covid-19, just some of the legislation and rules developed in response to it. We

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Because You Asked: How Do I Deal with an Impending Death?

I have been writing lately about some of the practical steps that you can take to prepare for the death of a spouse, and what you need to do after they die, and I was just writing down my thoughts about grief and some of the ways to cope with it and to support people who are grieving.  But I realized that I was missing

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Because You Asked: What is a Transfer on Death Deed?

Last week we wrote about the steps that we recommend individuals take to prepare for the eventual death of a spouse: Because You Asked: How Can I Prepare in Advance for a Spouse’s Death? Technically, one could consider that the steps that we listed fall under the category of “Estate Planning”, though they lean to more practical aspects, rather than legal. In today’s post, we

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