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Because You Asked: How Do I Get a Grip On My Financial Picture?

Whether you are new to “adulting”, have a new or new-ish marriage, or are dealing with a major life transition later in life through divorce or death of a partner, many people can find themselves overwhelmed and grappling with the various puzzle pieces of their financial lives.  So how do we even figure out where to begin? As with any challenging puzzle, the starting point

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Because You Asked: Thoughts on a Snow Day

We have all been celebrating the Kansas City Chiefs winning the Super Bowl on Sunday, and there was a feeling of exuberance throughout Lubbock, especially because of Patrick Mahomes, our “Mahomie”; yes, I would say we are a little bit proud!  Then, today turned into a “snow day” in Lubbock, at least for some of us.  The rest of our team is at the office,

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Because You Asked: Do I Need to Be Concerned About the 2019 Tax Law?

2019 Tax Law Changes for IRA’s and other Non-Qualified Accounts: The SECURE Act With the passage of yet another new tax law near the very end of 2019  that has a far-reaching impact, I think you can safely say it has left Certified Financial Planners ™, attorneys, CPA’s and EA’s scrambling to both learn the new rules, and then trying to figure out strategies to

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Because You Asked: What Are the Risks Associated with Investing?

We are back in a brand new year (2020) and ready to address more questions.  This year’s first post was prompted by a recent communication from the Texas State Securities Board. For both existing and potential new clients, this idea of “Risk” is an important part of our conversations about investing.  I recall a conversation with an individual who wanted an 8% annual return, but

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Because You Asked: How Do You Plan for the Unexpected?

I am by profession a planner, specifically a CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™.  The planning mindset comes naturally to me, as I try to incorporate planning in all areas of my life. I love day planners, calendars, notebooks, reminders, etc.  I have spent most of the last year planning an upcoming trip to Paris in December, which is another type of planning that I do for fun. 

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Because You Asked: Are There Any Changes to Medicare for 2020?

Actually, there are a number of changes that could affect Medicare participants that are worth a mention here. Higher Part B & D premiums for higher incomes: Medicare participants with an annual income of $500,000 or $750,000 for married couples will pay higher premiums for Part B and Part D. The standard monthly premium for Part B is $144.30 Premium surcharges or increases begin at

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Because You Asked: What Does “Open Enrollment” Mean for Medicare?

Open Enrollment for Medicare begins on October 15th of each year, and runs through December 7th.  If you have already signed up for Medicare and are happy with your Plan(s), you do not have to do or change anything.  However, this can be a good time to review your plan and make sure you are happy with the coverage and costs you are paying.  Drawing

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