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Because You Asked: When Should I Start Thinking About Retirement?

It is not too early to begin planning for your retirement as soon as you start your first job, and begin putting money away for that time in your life that is probably 30 to 40 years in the future.  In order to retire successfully, you must of course have adequate savings to support you, because trying to live on Social Security alone is not

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Because You Asked: Should I Give My Adult Children Money?

Because You Asked: Should I Give My Adult Children Money?  While there are an almost innumerable number of circumstances and considerations that play into the answers to this question, and our standard response is “It depends”. What are some of the factors to consider in deciding to gift to my adult children? Begin with a thorough assessment, conducted with a financial advisor if you have

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Because You Asked: What Is an IRA Rollover?

Typically, a “Rollover” is in reference to a process that occurs when an individual is either retiring, of retirement age, or otherwise departing from a current employer.  Unless you already have an IRA (Individual Retirement Account) established, you would set up an IRA, and then “Roll” everything contained in your employer’s account to the IRA.  The types of employer-provided plans include everything from a 401K

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Because You Asked: How Do We Provide Care for Our Loved Ones?

This past month has been exceptional in regard to the number of deaths we have encountered: three close family/friends, and then a client who lost two family members back to back.  Death, that final passage of our lives, our final transition, is never easy for those of us left to grieve.  But in truth, it IS a natural part of our lives, and an experience

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Because You Asked: What is a Dividend and Capital Gain and Why Should I Care?

These two terms are occasionally used interchangeably, but they refer to different processes that can produce a taxable result in your investment accounts.  They are terms that you hear frequently on the news, business channels, and publications, so I thought that it might help to break down the terminology a bit. I should start by clarifying that dividends and capital gains are deferred in qualified

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When and How Do I Need to Start Estate Planning?

As with the simple answers I penned about whether or not you need long-term care insurance, in which the answer was “Yes”, the simplest answer to the question above is “Now”.  I seem to enjoy finding the simplest answers to what are often complex questions! Many individuals have in their back of their minds a certain time of their lives when they think they should

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