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Social Security Fraud Alert- Please Take Note

We just learned of one of the latest scams this afternoon- Social Security’s telephone number has been “spoofed” and fraudster’s are contacting SS recipients to try and obtain their personal information.  In one particular case, the caller said, “Your social security number has been hacked, and we will be suspending your social security payments”.  The website addressed this with the following notice and warning

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Because You Asked: How Should I Give?

You may note that the question was framed as a “how to” rather than “should I”, an honest reflection of our bias toward giving.  A number of years ago, we made a commitment as a firm to give to charitable organizations that we select each year in honor of our clients, in place of giving them holiday gift baskets, etc.  Because we so sincerely appreciate

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Because You Asked: Why Should I Consider a 529 Education Savings Plan?

If you are planning for a child’s future education needs, a 529 is one of the best options available.  Any interested party can establish a 529 for a child, as long as the child has a social security number.  Typically, it is parents, grandparents or other relatives that establish the 529.  For the purposes of financial aid (FAFSA), it is actually a bit better for

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Because You Asked: How Do I Decide When to Invest?

The answer or answers to this question can be very situation-specific, and we often take a number of factors into account when making recommendations for our clients to invest.  But I will make an attempt at more general recommendations, especially for new investors who are just beginning the process of accumulating wealth. One of the first rules of thumb is to invest money that you

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Because You Asked: How Is a Roth IRA Different from an IRA?

This is a question that comes up fairly often, as there is a lot of confusion around the two.  Since we are wrapping up tax season, let’s begin with some tax considerations:  the IRA creates a tax deduction when it is contributed, while the Roth IRA does not.  However: money withdrawn from an IRA is ALL taxable, compared to the Roth IRA where withdrawals including

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Because You Asked: How Can We Protect Family Members from Financial Fraud?

Because You Asked: How Can We Protect our Family Members from Financial Fraud? I have heard two horror stories from close friends recently, where both targets were elderly widows.  One involved a woman being financially defrauded by a worker she met at a grocery store, and the other via a Publisher’s Clearing House scam.  Both unwittingly lost many thousands of dollars, and the scammers have

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Because you asked: How do I get started investing?

How do I get started investing? We have been privileged to work with multi-generational families over the years, and we typically get this question from the latest generation of these families.  They are often new college graduates, starting their first real jobs.  This gives us an opportunity to help them lay some groundwork early in their lives as they say things like “I want to

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