In these posts we will endeavor to provide some answers to general questions we receive that we think will be useful to you. We have a list of questions that we hope to answer in coming weeks, but we also want you to have an opportunity to ask questions that we may not have already encountered. So please submit general questions that you would like to be answered, and we will do our best!

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Because you asked: How do I get started investing?

How do I get started investing? We have been privileged to work with multi-generational families over the years, and we typically get this question from the latest generation of these families.  They are often new college graduates, starting their first real jobs.  This gives us an opportunity to help them lay some groundwork early in their lives as they say things like “I want to

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Because You Asked: What is Financial Planning?

Welcome to the first “Because you asked…” blog post by The Advisors Group. We thought we would start with a very general question: What is financial planning? The term that we prefer to use is actually financial life planning, because when we work with our clients to do financial planning, we generally want to know about a lot more than just your finances. We believe

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