In these posts we will endeavor to provide some answers to general questions we receive that we think will be useful to you. We have a list of questions that we hope to answer in coming weeks, but we also want you to have an opportunity to ask questions that we may not have already encountered. So please submit general questions that you would like to be answered, and we will do our best!

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What is The Advisors Group’s Approach to Financial Planning?

The common perception is that Financial Planning is just about money, but at The Advisors Group, we approach things a little differently.  We work with clients from a Life Planning approach, where we view money as the tool to achieve their personal and family financial life goals. To that end, we discuss and ask clients to acknowledge the following statements:  Our approach to financial planning

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Questions Regarding FDIC Insurance…aka “Is My Money Safe”?

Most people know that the FDIC stands for Federal Deposit Insurance Corp. The legislation creating it was passed in 1933, during our Great Depression.  It is designed to protect bank depositors against the loss of insured deposits. If you want to read more, go here: How much is insured?  $250,000 per depositor, per FDIC-insured bank, per ownership type: Individual accounts, joint accounts, business accounts,

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Five Tips to Take Care of Your Personal Business

In our experience as Certified Financial Planners ® and Enrolled Agents (tax prep), we frequently walk with our clients through many of their joys and sorrows.  The sorrows normally come when our friends are dealing with a death or serious illness, such as Alzheimer’s, stroke, etc.  It seems lately like there have been a bit more sorrows than joys, and it leaves us with extremely

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What are some of the important parts of the Secure Act 2.0?

It has been a couple of months since the passage of the Secure Act 2.0 (end of December 2022), and we wanted to summarize some of the more immediate provisions that could be important for your planning purposes. Summary of Secure Act 2.0 Provisions that go into effect in 2023: A change in starting age for Required Minimum Distributions from IRAs, etc. is now age

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Thoughts on Ukraine and How We Live our Lives

As we watch events unfolding in Ukraine, it has rightly stirred up a storm of emotions for many of us that change day-to-day.  Today was certainly no different, as I watched the heartbreaking video that Ukrainian President Zelensky shared with our members of Congress. I found a poem years ago that I review periodically, and the words today seemed to speak to me, both in

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Because You Asked: Are There Any Tips to Save On My Taxes?

Since tax season is ramping up, and we are preparing tax returns for many of our financial services clients, we thought we would share three ideas to potentially help you save a bit on your taxes, both short and long-term. Contribute to your Health Savings Account (HSA): You actually have until your tax filing deadline to complete your contributions to your HSA for the previous

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Because You Asked: Should We Give?

On this “Giving Tuesday”, this seems an appropriate question.  I told my sister that my suggestion would be to move Giving Tuesday to before Thanksgiving, rather than after Black Friday and Cyber-Monday!  By the term “Giving”  what we mean is charitable giving, which is a core value for The Advisors Group as a business and for each of us individually.  It is wrapped up in

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Because You Asked: How Do We Prepare for Death?

Not really, though, because virtually NO ONE wants to ask or even THINK about that question!  But as fiduciary financial advisors (CFP®), we have a responsibility to ask that or similar questions of our clients normally around estate planning issues or concerns. I first wrote about the subject of preparing for death over a year ago, but have recently had some experience with clients that

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