Director of Stress Relief

When many people first meet Roxie they invariably say, “She looks like a fox!” and Shelby smiles hopefully politely and says, “I know, she does, doesn’t she?” Those who visit our office know that she is a Shiba Inu and she absolutely loves people. 

Other dogs are hit or miss with her, but she loves all ages from babies to our older friends. So, in case you were wondering “What IS a Shiba Inu?”, here you go:

With his/her bright eyes, plush coat, and boldly curling tail, the Shiba Inu is an official Japanese national treasure. In the United States, he's a small – under 25 pounds – companion dog with a big attitude. He's charming and affectionate, with a sense of humor about life and also about those odd verbalizations that humans call "commands." (Just leave the door standing open for a moment and Roxie will demonstrate this behavior as she darts through the door for a little neighborhood jaunt, laughing as we call her name!) The Shiba is a Japanese breed, one of the oldest types of dog native to that island nation, and the smallest. The word “Shiba” in Japanese means brushwood, like the terrain over which the dog hunted, and he is sometimes called the little brushwood dog. The word “Inu” means dog in Japanese.

Why in the world would we have a DOG in our professional office? Well, we are all “dog people” and love our fur babies. Many of you have also met John’s favorite daughter (the 4-legged variety), a Maltipoo whose name is Sunshine.

Roxie in particular has an affinity for people as mentioned above, in part because both her parents were therapy dogs, and she has been coming to the office since she was four months old. Some say that being around dogs decreases stress, so we are happy to provide whatever we can to create a stress-free environment.