Karen Strange

Client Concierge

Karen became a member of The Advisors Group family in 2010 filling so many roles and responsibilities that we honestly don’t know what we would do without her. Karen was looking for a job that would enable her to actually have holidays and weekends for herself after 25 years as a manager at Family Photo.

She is our meeter and greeter and all things in between. She is usually the first one you see at her reception desk and the last to wish you farewell as you leave, or she will sit and chat with you if you have a bit of time on your hands.

Karen is also the one to answer your calls and help you get the answers you need, whether it’s a service request, an appointment or a form, helping you set up your on-line access to Schwab or a million other things. In fact we sort of joke that she does so many different things to support and assist us and our clients that she needs a 5×7 size business card to list all the different things she does! We have just settled on Client Concierge as a description for all things Karen.

Karen is married to her high school sweetheart Randy, who is an RN at one of our hospitals, and they recently celebrated the wedding of their daughter Amy. Karen enjoys cooking, and hosting or visiting with friends and family, and is very active in her church. She also enjoys reading- we enjoyed learning that she not only loves her kindle e-reader, but even went so far as to name it: Kindie Page!

At home, Karen and Randy have two dogs, and Karen is also the dog-godmother to Roxie. She loves traveling and has been on some great adventures, with an upcoming much-anticipated trip to Italy on the horizon for she and Randy.