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We provide in-depth financial planning including strategic tax planning to help our clients prepare not only to fulfill their dreams and plans, but also to be able to navigate life’s un-planned events without incurring financial disasters.

Our best work happens with individuals and families who work with us over a long period of time, including multiple generations. We celebrate your joys, mourn your losses and help you unpack your unique challenges to discover your best way forward. We endeavor to function as a steady rudder whether the seas are stormy or calm.

We receive fees rather than commissions in providing financial planning, investment management and tax preparation for our clients. Therefore, all of our recommendations are based upon your best interests. We are available when you need us, because we are here to serve you.

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Because You Asked: Do I Need to Be Concerned About the 2019 Tax Law?

2019 Tax Law Changes for IRA’s and other Non-Qualified Accounts: The SECURE Act With the passage of yet another new tax law near the very end of 2019  that has a far-reaching impact, I think you can safely say it has left Certified Financial Planners ™, attorneys, CPA’s and EA’s scrambling to both learn the new rules, and then trying to figure out strategies to

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Because You Asked: What Are the Risks Associated with Investing?

We are back in a brand new year (2020) and ready to address more questions.  This year’s first post was prompted by a recent communication from the Texas State Securities Board. For both existing and potential new clients, this idea of “Risk” is an important part of our conversations about investing.  I recall a conversation with an individual who wanted an 8% annual return, but

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