What is The Advisors Group’s Approach to Financial Planning?

The common perception is that Financial Planning is just about money, but at The Advisors Group, we approach things a little differently.  We work with clients from a Life Planning approach, where we view money as the tool to achieve their personal and family financial life goals. To that end, we discuss and ask clients to acknowledge the following statements:

  1.  Our approach to financial planning is best described as “Comprehensive Financial Life Planning.” We typically require the participation of both partners in a relationship, as these are areas that affect everyone, and all viewpoints are important.  This generally includes such areas as:
        • Tax planning
        • Investment allocations
        • Retirement Planning, along with other financial goals
          • Consultation about Social Security and Medicare
        • Education Planning
        • Estate Planning
        • Insurance review and recommendations
        • Divorce Financial Planning (occasionally)

2.   We operate within the principles of investment diversification, asset allocation, and a Long-term focus as the keys to sound investing.  Chasing returns, “day trading”, following hunches, and listening to various predictions do not fit our philosophy.

3.  We encourage questions and dialogue to develop an understanding of your personal Risk Tolerance and your comfort with the delegation of investment decisions to The Advisors Group.

4.  Within certain limits, The Advisors Group will only provide advice and recommendations based on our own investment research, but if you have a specific interest or insight, please share it with us.  We utilize fundamental research to create investment allocations.

5.  We cannot and do not attempt to predict the future, as it relates to investments, the economy, or political gyrations.  What we DO provide is a historical context to help inform our recommendations, outlook, and investment decisions.

6.  We cannot guarantee specific returns or results in your investments but make the best choices possible in relation to current conditions and your personal goals and needs.  We are willing to make changes as your needs and priorities change.

7.  Our financial planning and investment decisions take place within the context of your tax implications, both current and future.  These are ongoing discussions that we will have with you.

8.  If we ever reach the point where we are no longer mutually enjoying and respecting one another, we will need to reevaluate our relationship.  We are committed to placing your needs ahead of our own (acting as a Fiduciary), yet we are also committed to living our personal and professional lives with joy and kindness.  We hope to have long-lasting, healthy relationships with all of our clients.