Because You Asked: Why Do We Do What We Do?

That question has a lot of layers to it, and it would be easy to go into the weeds with analysis and explanations, but I will try to restrain myself and follow the K.I.S.S. principle. Part of the reason why this story has so many layers is that it covers quite a few years, 42 to be exact this month, and involves the intersection of several individual pathways.

Long ago, but not very far away a “recovering pastor” by the name of John decided he wanted to serve people in a different way, and embarked upon a journey to develop his own business to help other individuals and small business owners.  With a history of ministry in small churches in Texas, John committed himself to this new ministry in the financial services realm, focusing on bookkeeping and taxes initially, later adding investment management and financial planning.

There were several different partners and a couple of family members that accompanied John along the way, until finally arriving at the crossroads where two daughters joined the team, resulting in a creative and fulfilling synergy that was a little surprising in some ways, given our disparate backgrounds:

  • One daughter, Sherryle, had worked with John on and off from about the age of 12 (yes, really!), had many years of experience in bookkeeping and office management while raising her family, and eventually obtained the Enrolled Agent certification for tax preparation.
  • Shelby (that is me), the other daughter, took an atypical path that wound through a career in family counseling, later obtained an MBA and worked in hospice, before winding up back in Lubbock and became a certified financial planner ™

So, these three, plus a binding agent called “Karen” all joined together to create the team that you know now.  We have continued John’s original commitment to minister through service, with a special pledge to do all that we can to help widows and orphans, a calling that is both a biblical and personal mandate. Our work is sometimes spiritual, frequently emotional, always practical, and regularly rewarding.

The biggest reason I think we all choose to do this work comes when we can sit down with a client or potential client and simply say “How can we help you?”.  Upon learning about the individual’s needs, goals, wishes, or dreams, we can then work together to arrive at sometimes unique solutions and practical recommendations. While our practice may be considered a bit unorthodox for the industry, being of service to others brings great joy, and keeps us coming back for more.

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