Because You Asked: What Areas of My Financial Life Should I Review?

A Checklist!!  I happen to be one of those quirky personalities that love checklists for tracking information, and checking items off the list as I accomplish them.  This does not appeal to everyone, but for the other list-lovers out there, I wanted to share this one with you.  These are broad categories of goals, wishes, dreams that are designed to help you to think about the various areas of your financial life and what is most important to you. They are often components that we cover when developing a Financial Plan or Plans with clients.  You can check off and/or write-in responses if you want to use the link below to download or print a PDF of the checklist for your personal use.

Master List of Financial Life Planning Goals


Your Name: _____________________________________                           Date: ____________________


  • To have a specific plan for saving for retirement
  • Retire at age ________________
  • Move to ______________________________________________________________ (Location)
  • Purchase a _________________________________________________________________________________________
  • To Do in Retirement: __________________________________________________________________________________
  • Stop current job or career, and instead do: ____________________________________________________________________
  • Personal self- improvement goals: interests, hobbies, education: _____________________________________________________
  • Other: _____________________________________________________________________________________________

Financial Security/Financial Peace of Mind:

  • To be financially comfortable throughout retirement: _____________________________________________________________
  • Not to have to worry and to sleep well at night, knowing I have enough money to carry me and family through to the end of our lives.
  • To leave a financial legacy for children/grandchildren: ____________________________________________________________
  • Sale of a business: _____________________________________________________________________________________
  • To start a new business: _________________________________________________________________________________
  • To support aging parents (who/how_________________________________________________________________________
  • To not be a burden to my family or children as I grow older (specifically): _______________________________________________
  • New vehicle every ___ years


  • To have an investment management plan and advisor that understands my needs and wishes
  • To have investments that take my personal tax situation into consideration
  • To have investments consistent with my personal Risk Tolerance, which I would describe as: _________________________________
  • Other: ____________________________________________________________________________________________

Debt Management:

  • To eliminate short term debt (credit cards, etc.): _______________________________________________________________
  • To pay off school loans: ________________________________________________________________________________
  • To reduce or eliminate long-term debt, mortgage, etc.: ___________________________________________________________

 Future Home Purchase or Modification:

  • New Home/1st home: _________________________________________________________________________________
  • Downsize (describe): _________________________________________________________________________________
  • Home remodel, refresh, or modification: ____________________________________________________________________
  • Vacation home: _____________________________________________________________________________________
  • Independent or Assisted Living Community Community: _________________________________________________________


  • Where do you want to go? ______________________________________________________________________________
  • How do you want to travel? _____________________________________________________________________________
  • How often do you want to travel? _________________________________________________________________________
  • Special travel plans, for family, anniversary, etc.; “dream vacation”: __________________________________________________

Health Concerns:

  • My/our health: Long term care need and/or insurance: __________________________________________________________
  • The health of parents, need to provide care, etc.: _______________________________________________________________
  • The health of family member with special needs: _______________________________________________________________


  • Plan for college education for children/grandchildren: ___________________________________________________________
  • Plan for marriage ceremonies for children/grandchildren: _________________________________________________________

Insurance Needs:

  • Adequate Property and Casualty
  • Health
  • Long term care
  • Life
  • Disability


  • To give a certain % of assets/wealth to charity: current or future: _________________________________________________
  • To give a specific amount to charity: current or future: ________________________________________________________

Estate Planning:

  • All wills are current and reviewed at least every 3-5 years
  • Power of Attorney documents are current and up to date
  • The beneficiaries on all of my investment and retirement accounts, insurance policies, and all others have been reviewed and are current and appropriate to my wishes.
  • Completed Transfer on Death Deed for real property (in Texas, and possibly a few other states)
  • My spouse (or other Trusted Contact) knows where all of my account information, contracts, and other personally important information are located and how to access them.
  • They also have important contact information for relevant professionals (Financial Advisor, CPA, Attorney, etc.)
  • Burial/pre-paid funeral plans

Here is the PDF if you want to download and print for your personal use:

  Master List of Financial Life Planning Goals

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